Understanding local issues...

We focus on building skills, not handouts. The communities in Africa that we work with gain dignity and confidence because the benefits of our projects stretch well beyond the installation of a water point...

Our projects take a year.
Our impact lasts generations.

Our projects take a year.
Our impact lasts generations.

Stage 1: Hygiene Education

Every water project begins with education on hand washing and menstrual health, ensuring healthy communities

Stage 2: Toilets

We support local communities to build their own toilets. This improves dignity and reduces the spread of waterborne disease because people no longer have to go to the toilet outside

stage 3: Installing the pump

Safe water close to home is a game changer for women and children, many of whom walked miles to collect dirty water up to 4 times a day

Stage 4: Community Ownership

Water committees are given a toolkit and trained to maintain the pump

Step 5: Water for generations

We invest in local governments, enterprise and our partners so that when pumps need replacing, there are skilled local people on hand to ensure the water keeps flowing


How you can get involved

With your help, we can make safe water a reality for more kids like Inonge, so they can get on with school and play.

Together, we can change lives

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