Impact 2018


people reached with safe water, hygiene and sanitation


communities helped


people reached with our projects in 2018

Helping families like the Kaputungus

555 people told us their story in 2018 and here is just one…

The joy that we have as a village for receiving this handpump is great. We used to queue up for water due to drying up of our scoop well, but now you have provided us with water near our homes. Diarrhea was common here more especially in rain season, we have hope this will change, thank you.

2,823 people have a better understanding of menstruation

From the lessons taught to us we now live a happy life. There are no more diseases that troubled us in the past. For that we say thank you Village Water, diseases have lessened due to living in a clean environment….

Miss B.Chindele

As well as monitoring the health benefits of our work we monitor pump functionality. A look back study from 2004-2018 showed:

92% of our pumps are working

52 strokes to fill a 20L container

3 strokes to produce water

*these are performing far better than the average in Sub-Saharan Africa of 30% of pumps are non functioning and the government set standards of under 70 strokes to fill a 20L container and under 10 strokes to produce water.

84% reduction in days off school or work due to waterborne diseases

7,260 days saved per year, where people can now go to school or work.