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A pandemic and now, a crisis

Date 8 months ago
Rezinha and her children are now having to live in a makeshift home. Read her…

We are ready for 2021

Date 9 months ago
A bad year can’t stop us, We’re going to keep pushing to bring safe water…

Wave goodbye to 2020

Date 9 months ago
We’ll all be glad to see the back of this year. But, amidst all the…

A new home for Hetler

Date 9 months ago
10-year-old Hetler recently moved with his family, but as 54% of peri-urban schools have no…

Better loos for Lui School

Date 10 months ago
Toilets are more than just pipes and porcelain. Girls like Regina understand that more than…

A drop in the bucket

Date 1 year ago
Follow the journey we make bringing safe water to people in some of the remotest…