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End of an era

Date 4 months ago
Village Water has taken the difficult decision to stop funding Village Water Zambia (VWZ) as…

Voices from George 

Date 5 months ago
For the last 26 months, Village Water has supported a community in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka,…

Interview with Rufaro

Date 12 months ago
Rufaro Njopera works as the Finance officer for our Mozambican partner WATSAN, and she has…

More time to play for Maria

Date 1 year ago
Life with safe water means being healthy and from that comes so many more opportunities….

Reflections on water

Date 1 year ago
Water means different things to different people. We asked people in the UK, Zambia and…

A mum is a mum, wherever you go

Date 1 year ago
Mothers like Sara work hard to support their children, sometimes in the harshest of environments….