Evelyn’s Story

December 1st, 2022

Evelyn is a farmer and mother to 11 children. She had to walk long distances every day to collect water for her family and livelihood.

Like most people in the area, Evelyn and her family sustain their livelihoods from farming. A stream served their household and agricultural water needs before the borehole was drilled, however its tendency to dry up during the dry season meant that she often had to collect it from much further away.

The distance to the stream and other water sources was a factor in poor pupil attendance at the community school, particularly amongst the girls. The stream is an open water source and used by animals so attendance was also affected by high rates of diarrhoea in the community.

The new borehole has helped my family in many ways. Having access to sufficient water gives peace of mind and the borehole is able to provide us with clean and safe water throughout the year. Hygiene and health have improved, my children are able to attend school regularly, and I have more time to spend growing crops.