Philip in the Field: The Simple Gifts in Life

May 17th, 2022

Philip’s on his first trip into the field. This is the second story from his journey.

A photo can tell a thousand words, but nothing comes close to sitting in someone’s home and hearing them tell their story.  

In a normal week, Philip would be reading stories from a document on his computer, sent by ECHO our partners in Zambia. This week, however, he had the chance to talk with Fred and Christine, in their home, who live just a stone’s throw from a recently rehabilitated ECHO water point. 

When we arrived, it was almost lunch time and very hot. Fred and Christine invited us in, to get away from the midday sun. 

We talked about their lives, farming and about their children. They have 5 boys and 3 girls.  

They were a gentle couple and after a while softly told me one of their sons is disabled, unable to speak or understand anything.

‘We just feed and bathe him every day’, Fred told me. He said they get a small welfare allowance from the government to help with his care.

Outside their home, a dish rack keeps their cooking equipment clean and off the ground 

“Later we wandered around their compound, and as we turned the curve of one of the buildings, we met their disabled son crouched motionless, looking out of the shadow up at us as we passed. 

‘This is my son’, Fred said smiling.

So many things have had an impact on me so far

But, the tender character of this family, and the joy and kindness they radiated, showed incredible resilience on very little means.

That will stay with me” 

Fred (the tallest at the back) at the rehabilitated water point in his village 

More from Philip in the Field soon!