“I dream of becoming the Area Pump Minder”

November 1st, 2022

Stanley Zawa has a dream. After watching the pump in his village being rehabilitated, he was inspired and told us about his plans for the future.

Stanley with his family at the rehabilitated pump in Chikankata B, Zambia

Stanley has 3 siblings and is in 5th Grade at Malombe Primary School. When staff from our partner ECHO visited the village where he lives, he told them of his aspirations:

“When I finish school, I dream of becoming the Area Pump Minder so that I can help contribute to reducing the water challenges in my community and other neighbouring communities. I love watching our borehole being fixed by Area Pump Minders coming from other communities and wish I was the one repairing the borehole. I want to become an Area Pump Minder so that I can help my community and stop people collecting dirty water from unprotected, dirty water sources. This will help reduce health problems resulting from water-borne related diseases, especially diarrhoea. It pains me to see my family and other people, especially those without access to borehole water, spending time collecting firewood for boiling water to make it safe and fit for consumption.”

Although Stanley is still at school, he is already teaching others to look after the borehole.

I encourage others, even the elderly, to be responsible when it comes to safeguarding the community borehole as it is the only source of clean water available.

Your donations make it possible for us to train local people, like Stanley (if it is still his ambition after he finishes school), in pump maintenance so that they can keep their community’s safe water flowing and earn a fair income.