Tumba walks with pride

March 22nd, 2017

‘’Our village now is counted among the few privileged. When we walk in our area, we do so with pride and we try to teach others too’’ – Tumba

WHEN we first met Tumba and her community from Western Province Zambia in 2015 the only source of water for her village of 146 people was a hand dug scoop hole.  In the heavy rains between December and March the scoophole was flooded with groundwater and people got sick. Babies and children were the worst affected with illnesses like stomach aches and diarrhoea, school attendance was at just 40%.

Last January thanks to our generous supporter Tumba’s community got safe water for the first time. A new waterpoint was put in the heart of the community providing safe, reliable water for all.

That wasn’t the only change, water the community also learned how to make simple sanitation facilities like pit latrines, tippy taps and dish racks and the learnt the importance of clean hands and a sanitary environment to prevent diseases.

We have had a remarkable journey of health transformation after your education sessions and us doing what we learnt, we’ve noted that diseases are reducing dramatically. The water point, the hand washing all these are adding up to this good result


Tumba’s community never wants to go back to drinking dirty water so they’ve set up a maintenance fund for spares and repair.