Zoe’s Marathon Erg

June 28th, 2018

42.195 KM closer to Zambia!

You’re always winning when you’ve got an Olympic silver medalist on your team. The British Rowing cox in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games, she’ll be joining the Row Zambezi 2018 expedition down the Kafue River. Highlighting fresh water issues in Africa and raising funds for the Kafue River & Rowing Centre and Village Water in July.

Zoe has long been an advocate for our work, bringing her boundless energy to events and fundraising for our projects, and this week she completed her latest challenge. In preparation for Row Zambezi (in just a few short weeks) she decided to row a marathon, that’s 42.195 km, on an erg in Oxford.

“Seems simple enough”, Zoe wrote on her Just Giving page, “except for the fact that I’ve never rowed more than a third of this distance in one sitting”.

The event took place outside the Ferry Road Leisure Centre on Tuesday 26th June, champion Zoe didn’t let the heat phase her though, she completed in 4 hours and 16 seconds. Feeling rather tired and sweaty, Zoe kept her victory speech short and sweet on Instagram, “Did it. Thank you to everyone who helped. Rather tired now.”

So far she’s raised a huge £587.25 – that’s enough to give 20 people living in rural Africa a fairer chance at a healthy life. Thank you Zoe!

You can still donate to Zoe’s challenge by clicking here, or text the number on below to donate £2 or an amount of your choice.


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