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Sing for Safe Water

Local choirs join forces for annual charity concert


There’s no better feeling than coming together for a good sing-song, even more so when you’re doing it for a good cause.

Community choirs across Shropshire joined forces and raised their voices to help reach families living in some of the poorest areas of the world with safe water and sanitation.

‘Sing for Water’ fundraising events began over 15 years ago: local choirs hold individual concerts across the UK, raising funds for life changing projects and it all culminates in one big performance at the Thames Festival in London.

Choir leader Roxane Smith has been co-directing the giant Sing for Water in London since 2006, and this is her 8th year of running Sing for Safe Water closer to home. The annual event brings together over 120 singers from her choirs across Shropshire.

This year, Sing for Safe Water took place in the beautiful St Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury, on Saturday 22nd June, and all money raised was split 50/50 between Village Water and WaterAid, to help reach even more people with life changing safe water and sanitation,

Take a peek inside the Church and listen to the talented troop in the video below…

There was a brilliant turn out, with hundreds of people coming to listen to the sweet harmonies throughout the day. We even managed to push our Giant Loo to attendance via Pride Hill (a VERY busy shopping area) without causing too much of a scene!

“The sun shining, wind flowing through the trees and beautiful harmonies coming from the courtyard of St Mary’s – who could walk past that? Total bliss. My favourite song performed was River. It has a really slow, beautiful build-up, and even when competing with the hustle and bustle of a busy Saturday afternoon their voices carried over it so beautifully. Thanks to every single person who gave up their time to get involved. You are fantastic!”

-Beth Llewellyn, Fundraising Officer

The choir congregation gave two performances, and as well as collecting donations on the day raised their own funds to be a part of Sing for Safe Water 2019.

Thanks to all their hard work Village Water received a huge £2589.28 in donations! An amazing achievement.

“What a wonderful day we had and what a wonderful amount of money you raised. I hope everyone is still buzzing from the joy of being together and making such a lush sound…and raising all that money. Thank you all for a terrific day.” 

-Roxanne Smith, Choir Leader

Thank you to everyone who organised, volunteered their time on the day, sang, listened and donated. Be sure, to watch the beautifully-sung ‘River’ before you go (vid below).

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