Meet the men and women who are changing lives in Africa

Working in partnership

We share the same vision with all our Africa partners of a world where no-one suffers from diseases caused by poor water, hygiene and sanitation.

When we choose to work with a local organisation, it is because we feel they have the skills, dedication and professionalism we need to ensure lasting change. We commit to long-term partnerships so that the work we support is rooted in security, learning and sharing.

Empowered Communities Helping Others (ECHO)

Annie Kalusa-Kapambwe

Across Zambia there are thousands of broken down water points and the majority of people still have poor access to safe water to drink. The same applies in schools and health centres.  

Annie Kalusa-Kapambwe leads the ECHO team, who, since setting up in early 2019, have repaired more than 150 waterpoints in Central Province.  

We are so impressed with this young organisation and their commitment to improving lives through safe water, sanitation and hygeiene, and look forward to a long-lasting partnership as they grow. 

In Manica Province, there is a desperate need for water and sanitation in rural communities.

We started working with Blessing Njopera in 2015 when he was leading the regional office of a large international organisation. In 2019 Blessing left to set up his own independent NGO, and we decided to support him.

We are so proud of how the team has embraced their recent growth in order to deliver an increased programme this year, and we are sure they will continue to flourish.

Elisha Ng’onomo

We’ve been working with VWZ since 2004 in Western Province Zambia. In 2007 they registered as an independent Zambian charity, and Elisha Ng’onomo remains at the helm. From a team of 3, they have expanded to three offices and enjoy support from the EU, The Government of Zambia and the African Development Bank.

VWZ has a great reputation in Zambia, where they are known as the ‘little giants’ due to their effective, professional and cost-effective work. They collaborate with local authorities to identify where the need is and to monitor the benefits of our joint projects.