Founding Trustee and Rotarian, David Dixon, first visited Zambia in 2003. Shocked by the conditions he saw caused by dirty water, lack of good hygiene knowledge and proper sanitation facilities, when he returned to the UK he used his Rotary contacts to help raise enough funds to repair 20 broken water points.

There are now 112 communities in Zambia, 97 villages and 15 schools, benefiting from safe water, sanitation and hygiene education thanks to Rotary sponsorship. Read the look-back study here.

By supporting a whole village clubs are supporting a full programme of hygiene education, sanitation training, safe water and pump minder training, as well as follow-up visits to ensure changes are lasting.


Rotary Clubs have been crucial to the success of some of our major projects and appeals:

Lessons 4 Life

Inspired by Rotarians and funded entirely by clubs and their associates, Lessons 4 Life was a unique programme that established hygiene education as a core subject in 12 rural primary schools. The effect is that the children took the newly learnt messages back to their families, resulting in improved hygiene and sanitation in more communities. Each school also received a safe water supply for the first time.


Well Good Appeal

In 2004 Village Water became the smallest charity to have a fundraising campaign match funded by DfID. During the 3-month long appeal, Rotary Clubs raised £25,000 which was then doubled by the UK government.

Peddling for Pumps

Trustee and Rotarian Richard Pither cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2017 raising £8,524.24 towards a Rotary look back study (read it here). Our award winning mobile-to-web monitoring system allows us to collect data and track health improvements, however we don’t have full data for some of the more historic Rotary funded villages. With the money raised we were able to collect data for the remaining 76 Rotary communities and fund two more rectifications in 2018




“We are happy with the training because we have learnt the importance of having these facilities and have started putting them in our homes and keeping our village clean. I think this program has really changed our lives”

– Mr Pelekelo from Nandusu (pictured above) one of the villages helped in our Lessons 4 Life project.

How Rotary Clubs help transform lives

Some clubs support whole villages, while others have bought hand pumps, tool kits or contributed to the cost of funding a village. This year, we’re aiming to repair 20 water-points in Zambia, all of which were originally Rotary supported. Due to limited technology at the time of installation, most were hand-dug and have now collapsed. This ‘full-circle’ project is a brilliant opportunity for your club to get involved in our Rotary projects, please email Beth at if you’d like to find out more.

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