We’re excited to be moving offices and to be launching our new brand and website

July 15th, 2020

We’re still in Shrewsbury, just down the road. Make a note of our new address below and find out more about changes to our brand and website.

Our new address:

Village Water
c/o URC Office
Coleham Head

With our new website and first rebrand since we set up in 2004, we aim to raise the profile of our work, improving health for more people in Zambia and Mozambique through safe water, sanitation and hygiene, whilst sharing with you exactly how your support is helping. 

Discovering information is much easier with lots of different ways to get involved. We describe our work in What we do, and, we’ll be regularly sharing real stories from the families benefiting from our work in the News and Stories section. 

Our new shop offers virtual products, just another way of donating, giving you the choice of where your money goes whether it’s for a community toolkit to maintain the new water point or supporting a girl to stay in school. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts: