Big news today

January 20th, 2022

It was not so long ago we announced helping our 500.000th person in Mozambique – and we’re able to measure this thanks to our talented monitoring and impact team.

Today we’ve reached one million people! 

But for us it’s not just numbers – it’s the individuals we meet, who tell their stories, that show us the real impact of the projects. Like grandmother Virginia Nguiraze from Chachiana village. 

Virginia Nguiraze

“We used to collect water from the dirty Camucoto River which we drank untreated. My grandchildren used to collect it because it was too far for me to walk. But now I carry a 5L container from the pump, and also wash our clothes. We used to be very scared of crocodile attacks but now we have escaped that danger!” 

 This huge achievement really shows the hard work of our local partners WATSAN and ECHO who visit remote villages, plan projects for schools and connect with all the individuals your support has helped. 

WATSAN staff deliver hygiene and sanitation training

In the words of WATSAN Mozambique: “we are committed to care for and empower the vulnerable and excluded by promoting self-reliance through sustainable development, provision of water and sanitation facilities, clean energy solutions and hygiene promotion and assisting in emergency situations without discrimination.” 

It’s an achievement they can be proud of.