Change begins with
safe water

Working with district, provincial & national partners in Zambia & Mozambique, we support lasting, local solutions to reach everyone with water, sanitation & hygiene, leaving no one behind.

Clean water, decent toilets & good hygiene practices, mean good health, more chance to work and greater access to education.

I’m now able to send my children to school, pay my workers and do other things for myself as a woman. Now I run my own business and get contracts from Village Water as well as private clients and other organisations.

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Right now, we are focused on new water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH) projects and pump rehabilitation within two districts in Zambia and one district in Mozambique. We know from our impact studies that these projects significantly improve health and opportunities for school and work for every community. They will also cut C02 emissions by reducing the need to collect firewood and boil water.  

All our projects are part of our wider district by district plan where, together with local authorities, we map the requirements of each district as a whole and co-design projects that ensure long-term sustainable water systems. 

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