Isabel’s Resilience

June 20th, 2024

For Isabel, life used to be a daily struggle without water. Rufaro from WATSAN Mozambique was taken by her story of resilience in the face of adversity.

As a widow, Isabel had little time to earn a decent income whilst caring for her young girls.

Life was hard, but her strength came from wanting the best for her children (and eventually, grandchildren). She may not have been able to provide them with some of the basics, but instead she tried her hardest to instill in them her values of compassion and empathy.  

You can only imagine the struggles I face to raise these children. In the past I am the one who used to fetch water for my family. The water was dirty and brown in colour and the thought of my children and grandchildren consuming the water that was brown and dirty, filled me with dread. That gave me the determination to seek a better solution.

Isabel collecting water from the old well 

Hope arrived when WATSAN repaired the water point in my community and my daily routine completely changed.

Isabel tells her story to Rufaro, sitting with 4 of her grandchildren 

Now, without a daily trek for water Isabel has more time to look after her grandchildren, and instill them with the same values she did her daughters. (One of Isaura’s grown daughters is now a UNICEF activist, passions that Isabel nurtured!)

With the hygiene lessons Isabel learnt from WATSAN field staff, she’s taught her grandchildren how to properly wash their hands, store water and protect themselves from illness – lessons that will stay with them for life. 

Isabel’s granddaughter used to help her collect water from the open well

Now, Isabel collects water from the newly repaired water pump near her home

Isabel’s resilience provided for her family when life was impossibly hard. Now, with a reliable safe water source life is so much easier for her. She no longer has to walk for hours everyday to collect water, instead she has time to work with her family in the fields to earn more money. 

But most importantly to her, her family are healthy and they have the water they need. 

Previously the children had pimples and bumps on their skin, but now their skin is smooth as stones in the river.

You can help more women like Isabel and bring safe water to more people, helping them now and generations to come. Your donation makes a difference, donate now.