Interview with Rufaro

June 8th, 2021

Rufaro Njopera works as the Finance officer for our Mozambican partner WATSAN, and she has also taken on the task of collecting stories, pictures and film clips for Village Water. We have been so impressed by her many talents. Read her Interview below:

Enjoy a slideshow of Rufaro’s pictures:

Rufaro, WATSAN Mozambique

I was born in Beira Mozambique and I spend most of my childhood in Zimbabwe. I was at a boarding school .

Yes, in primary school there were kids who came from a local community. They had donors who were paying their studies, but the funding only covered their school fees. So, most of the children came to school barefoot, with nothing to eat. Sometimes with no books and pens. I remember I had a few friends from the local community, one of them I even remember her name “Plaxedes” I would take extra pens, food to share during break time but it came to a point where my parents were questioning on the rate at which I was asking them for school supplies. As a child I could feel their struggles

The ability I have, to exceed my potential and limits. The human potential is very underestimated in life. When one can see and determine the potential in him or her, he can achieve great results. So, in short, the potential which one has is my inspiration.

I studied Accounting at Africa University, I graduated with a bachelor’s in accounting honors degree.

I had a great interest in economics but growing up my father always told me that go for something that is challenging, that’s why I chose the accounting major .

Well, when taking pictures, I try to make sure that the person is not posing for the picture. I take as many pictures as possible when I am in the field.

But taking pictures doesn’t have a formula you need to be patient and wait for the right moment.

This is my favorite picture, I took it at Chianga community. The man standing behind the girl is the community leader. He was very emotional and happy because they finally had access to clean water in the community. The man in a black shirt, holding a red cap is Watsan’s Technician .

Seeing them helping the less privileged and contributing a lot to the society has made me realize that I also need to help people and aim to bring a smile to their faces, and it has given me a caring character for the people.

There are not enough women in WASH roles. The team has been putting in a lot of efforts to make sure that there is women involvement in WASH roles. One of the ways is by making sure that at least two women are in the water committee that is responsible for the pump.