Teams who work for themselves

April 28th, 2020

We believe in the sustainability of our work. Since 2012 Village Water has been training small entrepreneurial teams in the arts of manual drilling in Zambia.

Six well construction teams are now working, offering manual drilling services for community water systems, the majority funded by donors or District Authorities initially.

We have seen the demand for manual drilling grow, particularly since 2014, as the trained teams have proved its effectiveness at lower cost than mechanical drilling & the ability to reach inaccessible areas.

53% of rural Zambians lack safe water & the number of unserved is rising as populations grow & existing community pumps break.

The teams have had in-depth business skills training in finance and accounts, legal obligations, writing a tender, marketing and branding to prepare them to bid to a wide range of clients.

What are the benefits?

  • Manual drilling works well in Western Province where villages are small. Large private enterprises do not find it profitable and fear their heavy mechanical rigs will sink in the Kalahari sands.
  • The locally based, independent manual drilling teams boost the economy by creating employment and demand for drilling kits and tools which are also made in the area.
  • Having the teams close to the communities increases sustainability as it reduces dependency on external agencies. It also increases accountability as teams are responsible for rectifying any problems with the water points they install.

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Manual drilling plays a vital part in reaching Sustainable development goal 4: Clean Water and Sanitation by 2030

Clean water and sanitation are essential to good health and well-being, getting a quality education and setting a standard for equality. Read more here