A new home for Hetler

December 21st, 2020

10-year-old Hetler recently moved with his family, but as 54% of peri-urban schools have no safe water what was he moving to?

Moving as a kid is a scary experience. Your mind races with things that could go wrong… A new home, new friends to meet, new classes to get used to.

But, Hetler got to his new school and found something else to worry about.

There is no water here. When I am thirsty, I do not drink.

Hetler was also shocked to discover there were only 6 toilets – 2 for teachers, 2 for girls and 2 for boys. There are 9436 students at his school. It is one of the largest in Mozambique.

Waiting for others to finish using the toilets is difficult. There aren’t enough. If we have toilets, I will spend my time doing other important things like studying and playing with my friends.

One day some rather official looking-people came to his school. Some were wearing suits, some blue uniforms with logos on, some made notes and took photographs. They were shown around the school by his headteacher. There was excitement in the air.

The congregation was made up of the WATSAN team – our talented and skilled local partners – the school’s Board of Directors, Government representations, community members. They had come to discuss a new safe water project that was going to help change the school forever.

The school headteacher said,

My prayers have been answered, when are you going to start working?

The answer was 3 days later.

We worked with WATSAN to construct a solar-powered pump complete with 5000 litre water tank for storage. This would be linked to single-sex flushing toilet blocks and shower cubicles, with solar lighting and a network of tap stands for year-round access for pupils. Teachers and neighbouring communities.

You are very welcome to bring this project to this school, this project is going to help our children to become better people in Mozambique. – Community member from neighbouring village

This has been a difficult year for everyone. When COVID-19 cases first began to break out in March, the Mozambican Government closed all schools. But at least now when Hetler returns, things will be so much better.

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