A mum is a mum, wherever you go

March 5th, 2021

Mothers like Sara work hard to support their children, sometimes in the harshest of environments. Join us in celebrating the amazing things they do every day, this Mothers Day.

Sara and her daughter Celina 

Sara is a proud mum. And for her, her children’s futures are everything.  

“I went to school during a time of war. My dream was to become a teacher but I did not manage because both I lost both of my parents” 

Like many mothers across the globe Sara helps get her children ready for school, she makes sure they’re fed,  bathed and watered and then she goes to work. 

For Sara however, doing all this is a lot harder because of where she lives. Rural Manica Province has one of the poorest rates of water and sanitation in Mozambique with a huge 42% of people not able to access it.  

“As a mother I had a lot of challenges with water. I had to know which water was suitable for drinking, bathing and I had to know where to find it.”  

Sara has to chop down wood to be able to cook for her family every day 

Sara is widowed and works hard to provide for her 9 children. She gets everyone to help with chores in the morning then after packing the kids off to school she tends to their small farm. She sells the tomatoes she grows to buy staples like salt and cooking oil and spends the rest on school books and equipment. 

Nothing will stop her in her quest to provide for her kids.  

“I want them to have a better future. I want them to be police officers, nurses and teachers.”

Sara & Celina grind maize to make their dinner, ‘nshima’ 

Thankfully, we (Village Water, our local partners and you) were able to install a new water point where she lives village. Now Celina and her brothers and sisters can help their mum collect water. 

The water is clean, it’s safe, so now they won’t have to worry about getting sick and won’t miss school. Hopefully one day, one of them might be able to pursue the dream Sara wasn’t able to.

Although, as we all know, mothers are never done teaching their own children.

“Life is now better. We have clean water, we have toilets and we can wash our hands. Today we are happy. Because without water there is no life!”  

This Mother’s Day give your mum a gift that changes a life.

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