Promoting hygiene in rural communities

January 13th, 2023

Whenever we support a community with fixing or installing a water point, our local partners always run hygiene promotion sessions and make sure that community members understand the importance of washing hands to prevent disease.

People are shown how to make simple handwashing facilities, most commonly the ‘tippy tap’ which can be made out of sticks or poles, rope, and a recycled water jug. This simple contraption provides a hands-free way to wash your hands in areas where there is no running water.

On attending a hygiene and sanitation promotion session run by our partner ECHO, one beneficiary called Mrs Mubita told us her thoughts about what was covered.

The idea of a tippy tap is brilliant as it is easy to make. However, just washing hands after using the toilet can go a long way for an individual, family and community at large. I will encourage all my family members to practice hygiene and sanitation lessons and to put tippy taps in their latrines and homes in order to protect themselves from diseases such as scabies, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and eye infections.