Safe Water for Tsuanda Primary School

June 12th, 2023

The children who attend Tsuanda School in Mozambique often spend more time queuing for the toilet and fetching water than sitting in class, but with your help we can change that.

For thousands of pupils there are only 5 toilets (in very bad shape) and there is no clean water or handwashing facilities. Rates of absence due to illness are high and girls often miss up to a week of school a month as they aren’t able to manage their period at school.

One young girl told us,

The toilets are old – some have even fallen down. Most of the time they are dirty because there is no water to clean. We will be very happy to have new ones.

The current toilet facilities at Tsaunda

The children love school (as they should!) but sadly, have no choice but to put up with the poor facilities. With your help, we are planning to install a solar-powered water point, permanent handwashing stations, showers and dignified toilets. This will enable pupils to spend more time learning and playing with their friends.

We’ve been offered £10,000 of match-funding to support this school, this means that any donation you make up to £10,000 will be doubled! If we reach our target, this will be life-changing for the thousands of young people attending Tsuanda.

Whether £5, £10 or £50, anything you give right now will be doubled, and help us improve school for thousands of young people.

Every child deserves the chance to learn. To feel safe and happy in their school every day, without the risk of falling ill from drinking unsafe water or not being able to wash their hands.

We want to ensure the children of Tsuanda have the same opportunities our children at home do. Providing long-lasting safe water and proper toilets is the best way we can help do that.