Nightrider 2019

July 29th, 2019

Sponsored cycle? EASY, you say. 100km cycle at night over hilly terrain? NOT so easy.

But, that’s exactly what 6 Village Water fundraisers did to raise money to help reach more people with life changing safe water and sanitation.

If you’ve not heard of it before, Nightrider is an annual fundraising event that happens every year, in multiple cities across the UK where supporters get on their bikes to support their favourite charities. Participants choose between tackling a 50km or 100km route and with regular pit-stops along the way, a support team on hand and hundreds of other cyclists to keep you company the night is always great fun for everyone, of all levels of cycling experience.

The Village Water team took on the Bristol route this year – a notoriously sloping landscape – but that didn’t put them off. They all opted for the longer 100km, completing it in  7.5 hours and raising a whopping £1,865 between them. An incredible effort.

“No punctures, 3 lights out and some massive hills. It was actually a really chill, amazing experience, cycling with 5 other beautiful women. Thank you team Village Water!” 

Charlotte Martindale, VW Nightrider team 2019

After crossing the finish line the ladies received a medal, complimentary breakfast and went to get some very well deserved zzz’s….

A huge thank you to our 2019 Nightrider team, for all your hard sweaty cycling and fantastic fundraising.

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