Village Water Gifts

Give something unique to your loved ones.

Village Water Gift Cards are hand painted by Bristol Artist Ellie Bowes. Make a donation and receive a beautiful card with a big impact. Each one gives a little hand up to ordinary people like you in Zambia and Mozambique…

Keeping Girls in School

£25 could help provide decent toilets, menstrual health promotion and training to make sanitary towels, keeping girls in school for longer.

Farming Pack

£69 could help provide tools, seeds, tree saplings and fencing for agriculture students learning to grow food sustainably

Tree Saplings

£6 could help provide a school with fruit tree saplings and train students to look after them. The fruit will improve their diet and provide an income for the school.

Safe Water

This painting is of Nalucha from Zambia. Her life changed when we worked with her community to improve hygiene and sanitation and installed a safe water-pump. £30 could help change another person’s life.

School Hygiene Training

When we educate kids, they take the lessons home to their families. £60 could help provide a day’s hygiene training for an entire school, improving the health of the pupils and the wider community.

Give 6 families a head start

£18 could help provide hygiene education that gives 6 families the tools they need to protect themselves from waterborne diseases. With better health comes increased opportunity for work, school or starting a business.

Train a Hygiene Expert

Investing in one volunteer hygiene expert can improve the health of thousands. For £70 you could help provide training for another person so they can work with their communities to improve hygiene and stop the spread of cholera.

Poop scoop

Our toilets clean with a flush, but at our projects it’s not so simple. £12 could help buy the materials and equipment needed to empty toilets safely.

To see more of Ellie's beautiful designs check out her instagram page